Sara Samuelsson

Painting Artist

Location: Penwith, Cornwall, UK


Sara Samuelsson

Sara is a painter and printmaker, originally from Sweden Since arriving in Cornwall in 2005 she studied art at Cornwall College to then complete a BA(Hons) Fine Art at University Falmouth in 2008.

She is an annual participant of Open Studios.

Sara’s specialism at Falmouth was printmaking, which she has incorporated to form an essential part of her practice at Chylasson Barns, Penwith, where she is now based. She very much enjoys passing on her skills in printmaking through running workshops from her studio.

In seeking to capture a sense of peace and simplicity, Sara’s work explores and expresses the raw sense of spirituality found in Nature.The process itself and the practicing of an open, accepting state of mind towards unexpected insights and visual outcomes, very much forms the core of her practice.

Employing left-hand drawing and the technique of monotypes (where a one-off print is created) to work with the subject matter, often shapes and characters from Nature, Sara leaves imagination and serendipity to work its wonder.

Often this process produces compositions of perfect imperfection, which suits the simplistic expression of authenticity, which is her experience when being with natural elements such as a branch, a stone, bark, lichen on a boulder. Finding inspiration mainly in Zen and Taoist meditative ink drawings, Sara’s work is typically in a monochrome colour palette.

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