Noreen Todd

Noreen Todd

Glass Artist

Location: Helston, Cornwall, UK


Noreen Tod

Glass is the most fascinating and versatile medium to work with. Its magical qualities of translucency, transparency and reflection all create a sense of mystery within the art work as the light is seemingly simultaneously gathered up and emitted in ever changing patterns. My glass work is developing as I fulfil my desire to manipulate and understand these unique and magical qualities.

My work has been predominantly kiln formed glass sculptural pieces, but having gained recent experience in a hot-shop as well as experience with glass painting techniques, I now have an array of  new and exciting possibilities and opportunities opening up to me, for the progression of my ideas.  As a result my work is now focused in the areas of kiln-formed pictures using a combination of coloured glasses and painting, and the manipulation of these pieces while hot either in the kiln or in the hot-shop.

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