Karen Smith

Karen Smith

Painting Artist

Location: Cornwall, UK


Karen Smith

I can be inspired by anything that catches my eye from sunrises and sunsets, the sea or shadows and I paint because I want to share these feelings. Once something has grabbed my attention, I tend to paint in series, until I feel I have exhausted the possibilities of interpretation at that time.

That is not to say that I will not return to a series should I feel that it could be enlarged upon, perhaps with different interpretation or media. It is by experimentation that we learn.

I become more concerned for the environment as I get older and I have been told that this and my textile studies is reflected in my paintings. Having been asked recently what currently concerns me most about the environment I would say the amount of plastic in the sea.

I refuse to be categorized as Kandinsky said “there is no must in art, because art is free”.

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