Janet Judge

Janet Judge

Painting Artist

Location: Helston, Cornwall, UK


Janet Judge

I paint what excites me and hope to convey that excitement to the viewer.

My starting point is usually about colour: the turquoise sea you just want to dive into, flashes of red on fishing boats, deepest crimson on a pomegranate, shimmering colours on freshly caught fish.

I trained as a sculptor and find I am drawn to paint form: cliffs, boats, fish, bowls of fruit are all about trying to sculpt in paint, to get right into the shadows that define the form while also celebrating the colour.

I paint from life, which can involve working outside on the coast in all weathers, stormy seas are exciting to paint but rain and watercolour do not work well together, that is when I come indoors and paint still life.

I paint mostly in Watercolour with drawing in pencil or conte crayon playing a big part in my work. I run watercolour and mixed media painting workshops at various venues around Cornwall including at my studio near Mullion Cove. I also run children’s workshops at Trebah Gardens in the school holidays.

I live within sight of Mullion Cove and still cannot believe my luck in being able to live and work in such a stunning and inspiring location.

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