About Ro An Mor

At The Lizard

One sunny afternoon in late summer 2013 we, Nadja and Christian, were sitting on a bench in Porthleven, Cornwall, overlooking the harbour and the beautiful sea. We allowed our minds to play free and, after hours of talking, the idea of an online gallery and shop supporting upcoming Cornish artists was born. We can say, this was the hour of birth for Ro An Mor.


Ro An Mor is set up as a family run business by Nadja Minter and Christian Relling to fulfil a long growing dream, to run our own business in the arena we are best in, with high quality pieces and standards and absolute fairness for our artists and our customers.


Our journey as a family was long, with a lot of different addresses never really settling. Then, Nadja wanted to go home, so we moved to Cornwall and our lives changed. All of us, Nadja, Christian and our son integrated into the community quickly and we realised the outstanding potential of the creative scene.


Cornwall not only is a beautiful place to live and work, it much more represents a way of life, a mind-set. This mind-set is the heart of Ro An Mor.


Working in Sales & Marketing for software companies for nearly 15 years, traveling the world, Christian gathered the knowledge and experience of how to set up a successful online business of highest standard and the use of a best practise marketing mix.


Nadja’s experience in working in a creative environment ensures that we only take on board the best of the best of the newcomers. Nadja gathered her experience as being an artist herself and working for companies like Burberry, Cornish Stones and Röckel.


Be part of this fantastic journey and enjoy outstanding and unique pieces of Art.

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